Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can not enable forwarder on DNS Server

Can not enable forwarder on DNS Server Windows 2000 server or Win 2003 server.

Check this out :

This is the solution if :
1. Your you can not enable forwarder.
2. Enable forwarder is grey out
3. you can not tick or untick the 'enable forwarder' option
4. you can not add forwarder on DNS system

Solution to solve this problem
- go to administrative tools
- There is DNS Server
- go to forward lookup zone
- delete "." Zone. yup, delet '.' zone...
- restart. go to the DNS after restart.
- right click on server name --> properties
- forwarder tab
- tick the 'enable forwarder' option
- add your ISP DNS server or someone else's DNS address.

Good luck

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