Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Unlimited ADSL : Comparing Rates

Price Comparison for Corporate Only.

Monthly rates, any ADSL charges, will be discussed here. Please take a closer look at the pictures below. Double click to see bigger version. Later, do comment on comment section.

Table : ISP rates comparison for unlimited ADSL Access

Like usual, the competition is getting hot in here, between major ISP. Pacific Internet, CBN, Speedy, Radnet, Indonet, biznet, and Centrin will prove themself to offer more compare to their charges.

Assumption 1 : You use the maximum available ADSL bandwidth.
Assumption 2 : If your company runs only 8 hours/day. In a month (4-weeks), you will be charged Rp 1.584.000,- per month if you use Telkomnet Instan every work day only.
Assumption 3 : If you still use Telkomnet instan at 56 kbps, for 24 hours. You will be charged Rp. 7.128.000,- per month on your telephone bill.
Assuption 4 : no line charge.

First Entry Winner : Indonet Personal package
If you are a start-up company or the first time you think you need internet more, this winner is absolutely worth to try as your first step to unlimited Internet. Although offering small bandwith, you just need to spend as low as Rp 1,1 million to be listed as their subscriber.
Compared to assumption2, this step is worth to try and surely reduce your monthly telecommunication bill. If you plan to use it for years, the answer is definitely yes. You could get higher speed, more bandwidth for upload and download, and of course unlimited use to ensure your corporate growth in the internet. The first step to sell your product to global market will be wide open. Welcome to the broadband world.

Radnet NetDSL Personal package is recommended to be use. Only need another Rp 100.000,- on the first payment, then you will enjoy three times more bandwidth. Very appealing package.

Lowest ADSL Monthly charges : Centrin Basic Package.
With just Rp 800.000,- per month you could reduce your internet bill up to half from your dial up expenditure. Amazing investment decision. Their bonus is also attractive, imagine your website on the net. This is unressistable offer. Consider registration charges as investment, then it will paid back in less than 2 months. Just sign up their offer...

Indonet Personal Package and NetDSL Personal Package from Radnet is worth to subscribe too.. Radnet, offered you with 3 times more faster from our winner, you won't think twice for their offer. Indonet personal with the smallest upfront fees is worth considered.

Best Value per Performance Comparison : RADnet NetDSL Personal package
With no more competitor, NetDSL Personal wins this category. Per 16 kbps download, their rate is only Rp 41.000,-. This is unbeatable by other competitor.

Recommended per this category : Centrin SOHO Package. Its 16 kbps download, worth Rp 62.500,- per month charges. An attractive package for corporate. On next level Rp 83.000,-, there is a fierce competition among Telkom Speedy Office, Indonet Premium Plus, and again, Radnet with its SOHO package.

Above comparison, is an illustration only about choosing which provider is among the best. The best in offering more value to its customer. Meanwhile, there is a lot more information needed to make the subscription decision. This topic will be discussed later. For those not needed unlimited internet alias only goes internet as per needed basis, take a look my review on ADSL Limited Price review on

Feel free to comment and discuss in comment section.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bursa Bhineka

Bursa Bhineka or Bursa Bhinneka could be found in here.

Bursa Bhineka / Bhinneka (I'm really not sure which one is correct)is feature by This is mainly site for second hand IT stuff, devices, equipment, and event services. Boasted to have more than 250.000 items registered / displayed here, it is surely one of many favourite place to look for IT gadget.

Target market
This site is designed not only for corporate, but many people use it for various interest. With no charges for registration or having user paid for their services, Bursa Bhineka is definitely one of the hottest place to buy or sale your equipment.

Various stuff is sold and posted here. Divide into some category : Computer, Peripherals, Handphone, Video & Camera, CAD & CAMMS, Accesories, & Jasa/Services. Almost like in the, their main category is then divide into many small section.

Computer : Apple, Desktop PC, Notebook, PDA, Server

Peripherals : Casing, Drive & Storage, Flash Disk, Games, Graphic Adapter, Keybord / Mouse, Memory Module, Monitor, Motherboard, Mp3, Printer, Processor, Projector, Scanner, Sound Card, Speaker, TV Tuner.

Handphone : CDMA, GSM, Hp Accessories, Hp spare-part, Video & Camera, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Removable Memory, Camera, Accesories.

Networking : Adapter, PCMCIA, Router, Switches, Wireless.

CAD & CAMMs : Plotter, Vinyl Cutter, Wide Format Printer, Accessories, Bag & Cases, Cables.

Jasa / Services : Video Editing & Service PC.

Even corporate product such as router and networking equipment, plus high end servers with its accessories also listed here.

Just come here and enjoy shopping with discounted price or ' dengan harga kaki lima'.

This review is not related with Bhineka or its Bursa. This is solely reflect personal view. To look for other online store, please use

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ADSL in Review : Rates Comparion

Welcome again guys..
Here is review of ADSL provided in Indonesia. Monthly subscription charges, registration payyment, usage traffic lot, extra payment, download / upload charge, bonus, and many more. All in one information are compared here in their ISP packages.

Here is the summary.

Please take a look closely. Click the picture to show in detail. Data is taken as per third week of Februari 2007 from their ISP respective website. Failure is on the ISP, if they don't updated their data. This also a sign that their service might be not good enough, if sales price on the website is not updated. (some website updated six month ago). Use only data from their sales to take decision on using ADSL.

Here is the winner based on each category :

First Time User Favourite : Pacific ADSL Light Package.
Eventhough NetDSL Smart having the same scheme, but it add another charges as per usage. You could only need Rp. 300.000,- then your internet will be online. Rp 100.000,- charges will be needed each month.

The Best Value for Standard User : Centrin Internet Limited Plus Package
Per MB traffic, you only be charge Rp 240,-. One MB traffic, means open up to 200 pages @ 50 kB. This is good decision if used for personal, and daily activities. Centrin is already well known by their experience and services for many years.

The Best Value for Heavy User : RADnet NetDSL HeavySurf Package
The same charge Rp 240,- per MB. This one is highly recommended option for power user and could be use for home business.

Want to know how your ISP perform than other. See the pictures above, and get ready to maximize your internet experience through the right ISP. Choose only ISP giving more value your home and family.

Have a nice surf....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ISP (Internet Service Provider) List in Indonesia

Looking for complete information about ISP in Indonesia ? Here is the list.

Complete ISP List by Wikipedia (dirubah seperlunya) :

* BiGnet
* IDOLA - Lintas Arta
* IndikaNet
* InfoAsia
* KTI Telco.
* MNETwireless
* Sat Net
* Sistelindo
* SpotNet
* Telkom Speedy
* UniNet

Other ISP in Indonesia can be found here :, an archive from Indonesia ISP linked to IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange) node.

Do you want to compare Indonesia Internet subscription rate with foreign counties. See this link from Answer.Com.

Here is the complete list, after revision more than 5 times today. Let me know if your ISP is not listed here. This list will be used to compare services and analyzed in the future.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Corporate Internet Subscription Rates Comparison.

Indonesia Corporate ISP.
Bandwidth vs Price Battle. Early 2007

Thanks to all participant, especially everyone in Windows Server Conference that contribute their corporate information in this small, unscientific survey about Indonesia Corporate ISP. Their company and everyone participate in this survey is strictly confidential. Only ISP name will comes up in the list.

The Best ISP rates provided by : XL. Score : 546,44
PT Excelcomindo Pratama, Tbk. See :
Based on price, XL is the cheapest compared to other ISP in Indonesia. Their corporate rate is surely attractive. Same like other ISP, if you buy more bandwidth, price will drop sharply. This might be the cause, why their price is very attractive. Their feature are Fiber Optic cable, simetric upload/download, and still keep their performance at CIR 1:1 for International Link.

Second Champion :
The true second winner with score 829.37 is Jupiter. Establish by PT. Datakom Wijaya Pratama (JupiterIX). You could found this Indonesia ISP with NAP license at With sample of user using small bandwidth, Jupiter could offer highly competitive price compared to bandwith. This ISP is recomended if your corporate strategy need high performance with tight budget to connect your company's data network to Internet.

Actually, Tabina (Aceh), get second rank with score 562,5. But ISP with website in, having asimetric bandwidth. You could check the different news in here :

Then we also want to recommend Speedlink ISP from Aceh as our second winner. But ISP with no homepage. Can't i trust the info??? Even with score 625 & 687, Speedlink must be crossed from our list.

Lintas Artha with score 781,25 also not our winner, cause we lack info of symetric configuration and its transmission cost.

The third winner is a widely known ISP. As one of Top Five ISP in the country, CBN ( - Kabelvision ( cooperation, will bring your company's data to the world with their known standard of services. Got 833 score in third place, their colaboration must benefit your long term goals in developing IT strategy.

How do I score ?
This is how I score sample from about 20 ISP.
1. Ask Download/Upload speed.
2. Ask CIR (1:X).
3. Ask price : transmission cost. This transmission, could be in form of radio wave (wireless), cable, FO, VSAT, etc. In thousand Rupiahs.
4. Ask price : Internet subscription rate. This is our main component. In thousand Rupiahs.
5. Calculate Download factor (16) : DF(16) = Download Speed (kbps) / 16 (kbps)
6. Calculate Total Cost = Transmission charge + Internet Subscription Rate
7. Calculate Cost per DF(16) = Total Cost : DF(16)
8. Calculate on CIR 1 on 1 basis = Cost per DF(16) x X(CIR)
(note : no. 8 is optional)
9. We got the score. Actualy its the price per 16 kbps.

Then, this is how we filtered our ISP.
1. Check Symetric data rate (Upload and download must be the same). If not the same, then it might be not targeted corporate account (only SOHO), or its for home user (ADSL technology). In simple word, I needto make apple-to-apple comparison.
2. Check CIR rate. Corporate is assume using CIR 1:1. Other CIR rate might be applicable for corporate, but in CIR 1:1, the whole data is used solely for corporate. No hidden cost manipulation here. Priciple : One link - One bandwidth - One user - One Price.
3. Check transmission cost charges (if any). Some ISP, bundle their packet internet services with transmission charges. This hidden cost must be researched thouroughly. Sometimes, transmission cost could be higher than monthly internet subscription cost.
4. Website. Every ISP must have website. If ISP do not have website, we assume that this ISP is not exist, or only a reseller and maybe worse, doesn't have legal right to sell to internet connection to end user. I use google to search for their ISP name. If their name is not on Google, then how you could believe that their services is supported by skillful professionals.

Weaknesses (in writer point of view) :
This is not a research, it only an overview to check your corporate rate. Whether you use at highly competitive rate or not. Below are some doubts on this short survey. First winner is sampled at mega-bps. This might biased, but still it it the cheapest offered found. Second winner, never heard. Whether they act just only as NAP or ISP, is unknown. But someone is already using their services. The they must be exist. Third winner, customer said that their ISP is symetric. But cable TV usually using ADSL technology, means an asymetric link.

Thanks to :
All participant, all friends, and all chat / YM friends contributed their confidential information. If you think your corporate rate is very attractive and much lower than our winner, feel free to write to me at This information is only a guidance to choose not the best ISP, but the best Internet services rates throughout Indonesia archipelago. Please use this information wisely to predict and make your IT development strategy for the future.

If your corporate rates is below score 1.000. In pain text, if your corporate rate per 16 kbps is more than Rp. 1.000.000,-, replace as soon as possible. There is no benefit for using high paying and expensive ISP. Also, in the future, ISP rates keep coming down. There will be more cheaper and with more high standard ISP in the future.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Traffic Counter

Thanks to Statcounter : For providing free services to count visitor number loading my page.

Please keep in mind, that you have one choice, it is to look for unique visitor or just total of pageload (if anyone refresh your page, it will add another one). The major principle in here : one project - one website.

So, choose carefully and try their feature for free.

Note : their feature will not overburden your server nor give programming headaches. Just copy the script to your web and .. walla... it comes up.

What is the benefit for your corporate/organization ?
Your organization will know, how many people visit their homepage. This can be useful to determine marketing concept, promotional day/theme, give announcement, and many more. Also, in the end, it could determine, whether one marketing strategy has been successful or not, popularity of your company, or even determine if the cost spend on your promo budget attract consumen.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visitor Map

As you can see below,
i put a new visitor engine profiler map. This could give you an insight, about who were accessed your website. Is it from around the world, or just from Indonesia.

This feature is also overwhelmed, cause, it will makes you change your settings by this input. whether you still want your text in Indonesia, or is it better in English.

Even if you sell your product, you could customize, whether you want to sell it in local language, change to local preference (the most visitor), or maybe discuss some topic based on location profile.

Map itself was provided free by maploco. Just click their website for more details.
Thanks Maploco. Marketing

Yes, this website actually already created for the last one month. Having off for about 1-2 weeks then this week we celebrate its 1 month anniversary. Thankfully, this blog has inspire someone to create a blog of IT stuff to somewhere from Bandung, Indonesia.

This blog now focus on becoming no 1 IT Improvement website in Indonesia on all major search engine. Some of marketing technique was already known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This story is useful to ilustrate how a blog must be marketed to reach its audience.

Here is the story (and its not yet finished yet).

Blog creation date
Setting on blogspot is set to allows update to This is the first marketing move.

2 weeks ago
The only marketing effort is about listing this blog through search engine, is put on After 1 – 2 weeks, the only known place about this blog on google is only through this website for blog directory.

10 February 2007
First move to register to google is register it in addurl section. Verified google addurl. Also check its diagnostic engine.

11 February 2007
My blog already crawl/bot on 10 feb. It is the time when I verified the blog. No info yet.

12 February 2007
Look for ‘add url submit’ keywords on Google, then add this blog to many search engine and/or directory. Local and foreign based. Not yet any info about this blog, even when you type the url. Still, no sign yet for Google result. When you put the this blog address (, only result from See previous post regarding add/submit url to SE (Search Engine).

13 February 2007 morning
Only one result, same as yesterday. Still no sign of improvement. Many free add url submitter need us to activate, confirm, and (off course) check whether our email is correct or not. I guess some of the free submitter, is only way to harvest emails. This is true, cause some of the email confirmation, actually found on my junk mail. But, whatever it is, the confirmation continued. Also, cause I believe in Yahoo Anti Spam technology.

13 February 2007 afternoon
On 17.00, no improvement since yesterday. Already 24 hour. Check many times, only need improvement on meta tag on blog’s html. Afternoon, we are exchanging links with some of friends. Additional submitted to some SE.

13 February 2007 evening
Wow.. at last, after 2 days add url on google. Actually one and half day. Finally my blog address is listed on google. Check diagnostic engine, no crawl yet. Still data shown 10 Feb verified date. Strange. The only keyword that make my site no 1 are : "it-improvement in Indonesia". Other keyword can't shown this blog. :(

To be continue….

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Straight - Cross - Rollover Cable

Straight - Cross - Rollover Cable

Straight-through cable
A straight-through cable is the standard network cable connection and is used to connect the source and destination computers through an internetworking device. Specifically, you can use it to connect a host to a hub or switch.

Crossover cable
In a crossover cable, the standard RJ-45 cable between the source and destination computers is cross-connected. A crossover cable can be used to connect:
* Two computers
* Two hubs
* A hub to a switch
* A cable modem to a router
* Two router interfaces

Rollover cable
These Cisco proprietary cables used to connect to a router or switch console port. In a rollover cable (8 pins), RJ-45 connectors are usually present at each ends and are used to connect router and computer ports. Pin 1 on one end of cable connects to Pin 8 at the other end of the cable, similarly, Pin 2 connects Pin 7, and so on.

(taken from :,295582,sid7_gci1049608,00.html?bucket=REF&topic=299266)

All cable is consist of RJ45 plug and CAT Cable (CAT5, CAT5E, & CAT6). See other post for wiring diagram.

How to quick test the cable to determine its type ?

There are three types of commonly used RJ-45 cabling: straight, cross and rolled. Hold the two ends of an RJ-45 cable side by side. There are eight colored strips, or pins, at each end. If the order of the colored pins is the same at each end, the cable is straight. If the order of the colors is reversed at each end, the cable is rolled. Examine the sequence of colored wires to determine the type of RJ-45 cable.

note : if cable is not straight or rollover, see 123&6 core, if it meshed then it is crossover. Or check its 4-5-7-8, if same color. Better to use cable tester for sure.

(taken from :

Monday, February 12, 2007

Indonesia / Local submission link

Here is the list or search engine submission link. Local, Indonesia link only. Why you put in foreign SE if your languange use only indonesia, and only indonesian searched your site.

Still same, i f you would like to search on search engine, use keyword 'add url' or 'submit link' or both.

Just try and look for your list page rank in the world in the next 2 months.


Panduan dari KOMPUTEK

Panduan lainnya (terbukti udah ada di halaman pertama web bahasa indonesia).


Submit Express - 40 SE



Yellowpages indonesia

Like usual, comment is really appreciated.

Search Engine Submission - Foreign

Here is the list or search engine submission link. Used as per today to any major search engine. If you would like to search on search engine, use keyword 'add url' or 'submit link' or both.

Just try and look for your list page rank in the world in the next 2 months.





Open Directory




Scrub The Web



Sample : If you want to add yours directly. From addpro :
Free Search Engine Submission

Friday, February 09, 2007

Submit virus sample to...

Off course, you will get numerous new virus, without knowing it. Without your antivirus know it. If you have anti virus software, but your programs might work differently, slower, and show strange sign. Look for unwanted files/folder and submit to your anti virus vendor.

Just forward to your antivirus vendor, look for their address below.

McAffee - Virusscan Anti Virus

Symantec - Norton Anti Virus

Norman AV


Computer Associates - e-Trust - InnoculateIT



Authentium Thread Matrix



Trend Micro

Kaspersky Anti Virus
Send email with suspected virus to :

If you have any anti virus vendor submission address for suspected virus, share it in comments section below...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Buy Hosting : 1 GB traffic, what it means....???

Do your own calculation. Aligned your website capacity with your hosting service. Add additional services when needed/ by calculation only.

1GB of traffic per month
equal with :
100,000 clicks on 10K
10.000 clicks on 100K

equals with
300 clicks per day on 100K
3.000 clicks per day on 10 K

equals with
12 clicks per hour on 100K
125 clicks per hour on 10 K

10 K / 100 K = graphic, text, art, music, background, links, hidden text, everything received by your client / viewer computer. Please choose accordingly.

note :
currently google itself only send 16 KB to everyone opening their homepage.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Web hosting

Web hosting.
In order to have web hosting, we should have a few things :
1. Web site
2. Web Builder engine
3. Choose Technology

In order to set up development project for web hosting, we should choose with cautious.

Currently, 95% website, using PHP technology to create website. Some choose, cause there is price sensitive. Free license. Many availability, include its free services. In Indonesia itself, i currently investigate all major web hosting services company, none could deliver non php hosting service in Indonesia. All indonesia based server is PHP. No ASP, .NET, or any other. You could have asp services if you use colocation service. Some vendor might provide asp web hosting services if you could pay for more than Rp 1 million a month. Price is negotiable, but not as cheap as php one. PHP server based in Indonesia could be have for about Rp 200.000 up to 500.000 per year. You could find on competitive price on ISP services. Some major ISP provide hosting services, with premium price. You could talk to them if you want your site maintained professionally.

PHP Choosed.

Web site.

Due to Taiwan earthquake, there is major consideration whether to put server in local or in abroad. In local, there is major advantages in some sector, such as speed, support languange, etc. Mainly is on the speed factor. Disadvantages of local mainly on lower bandwidth and low disk space. Price on abroad site about Rp 480.000 per year compare to 80.000 on local. But off course, foreign based, you could have up to 2 GB vs 100 MB on that price. It's hard to have apple by apple comparison, but you could check on Google.

You could check :
Hosting abroad (courtesy of jonmmx2000) : (php) (php) (asp.NET)

Hosting local :

free hosting abroad :

free hosting local :

Web Builder Engine

PHP or ASP based.
PHP will be explained later.
ASP using Visual Studio .NET, ASP, or Frontpage.

Good Luck.
Have a nice website.

If you think my website is useful, please donate, contribute, ask question, & discussion can be addressed by contacting me at dcputranto et yahoo dot com. Thanks to .. unique person coming..
Feel know more.. To keep my research continue and provide better review/assessment and knowledge, feel free to donate by clicking button below....