Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Review : Ricoh Aficio MPC1500

Review : Printer : Multifunction : Color : Ricoh Aficio MPC1500

As one of printer brand that never heard before (it were known for copying machine brand), Ricoh step to printer world is really amazing.

Coming with this multifunction printer, Ricoh start by offering color printer directly instead of BW printer. We believe this steps were taken to positioned their brand as a manufacturer of the newest product. IMHO, this product actually a color copying machine, with additional feature with print, fax, network capabilities and big harddisk.

We don't know whether their steps to use harddisk is a good decision. In a copying machine, their mechanical parts create vibration, from soft one to a really-really vibration. This might not good for harddisk life. We hope guarantee time also include this harddisk. But we predict that this harddisk will not last more than 3 years. For sure, the steps to use harddisk is a good choice, cause it will help your organization alot better to cope with printing & re print.

Ricoh absolutely giving nice offer about this all in one package. What else do you expect from print/copy/fax/scan machine that support color. IMHO, it will replace minimum 2 BW printer, your fax machine, scanner, and 1 color printer. Plus it will added capability for your organization to print up to A0 poster size.

Imagine, the possibility to reduce your cost and increase productivity....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Indonesia IT Online Stores

As we move to online retail, IT online stores is widely accessible. Some has gained named through advertising, some depend solely on search engine, some just for their company, and rest of them is unknown. It sold many things, from spare parts CPU, such as processor, memory, harddisk, powersupply, up to branded computer with its accessories could be easily acccess through internet. Order and payment by COD/credit card/transfer is depend on its store. Accesories along with PDA/handphone sometimes sold on these retail store.

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IT related Online Stores
(We already bought and make transacts with these stores. Proven.)

Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi, PT
email : (no response)
Address : Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 73C #5-6
Telp : (62-21) 4229555 - 4261617
Fax : (62-21) 4257787
Other store : Mangga Dua Mall Lt 3 / 2, Open Everyday 10.00-19.00
Comment :
1 day delivery service by themselves. Premium price, but complete one. Must be used for reference to calculate budget and to see product images. Price in US$ & Rupiahs. COD (Cash on Delivery) supported. Updated every 1-2 days. You can have bargained if the price is differ between sales call and website. Credit card migh be supported on Mangga 2 Mall outlet.
Additional :
they have second hand place, called "bursa", if you would like to sell your gadget or look for another option, it is free to use by everyone. Bhinneka also sold Handphone, PDA and telecommunication equipment. Promo equipmet with promo price is sure to be hot.. Branded
product is available. /

Quantum Computer
Alamat : Mangga Dua Mall LT V Blok D26
Telp : (021)- 6017020,6017021 ,62303825,62303826
Fax : (021)-6017021 SMS:08129001123
email :
Comment :
With dark theme, it is the cheapest website I know. The tricky part, you must transfer the payment first through Mandiri or BCA. Cannot COD. Telephone to their store is makes me sick, soo hard to reach them. Open after 11.00, closed about 17.00. 1 day delivery is supported through third party, sometimes by their deliveryman. The minus one is their delivery charge is changing all the time. For the same address, they could charge 10.000 per 1 kgs, then changed to 15.000, sometimes you will get invoiced 35.000 and even 50.000 !! Really, they should improve customer service and billing detail.
Additional :
Non branded PC product only. Only sell parts for your self-build computer.

UtamaChip Komputer
Alamat : Perkantoran Agung Sedayu Blok H No. 34 Jl. Mangga Dua Raya Jakarta 10730
Telp : +62 (21) 6008711 - 6008717 - 6121278 - 6121279
Fax : +62 (21) 6121280
Website :
Comment :
Have improved their website performance last year, this sites is tremendously fast and good. Eventhough a bit pricey from, but they still prove better on overal. Their CS also nice and have 1 day delivery.
Additional :
PDA and smartphone is for sale in here. Also, promo product with bargained price always there to be checked. Some Branded Computer available, ready-to-use computer also offered, but mainly focus on computer parts. They just need to improve their basket and cashier
PT. Niaga Internusa
Alamat : Jl. Patra Raya No 26, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Telp : Komputer (021) 9290-0304
Jam Buka : Senin-Jum'at 09.00-17.00WIB Sabtu 09.00-13.30 WIB
Comment :
Start just from 2 small room, known as one of the biggest retail store in their respective goods/items/devices. Their price is very attractive supported by on time delivery service. Boast their sites having 10.000 visitor a day, it is surely one of their strength. With
too many items sold on the first page, their item sold must be numerous. Credit card accepted here. In here, you cannot buy computer parts. Only branded PC, monitor, peripheral (especially external one), and telecommunication gadget.
Additional :
Besides computer, they also sell Audio - video equipment, household, and camcorder, camera, toys, house electronic, and many more.

have a nice shopping...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Printer Brand in 2007

As you well know, printer is actively used by anyone everyday.
Here is some printer information used widely in Indonesia. This writing not an indication for Jakarta IT product in 2007 or ahead.

Based on Brand and some review:

Well known brand. actively advertise in media to be able to compete with other printer manufacturer. Product ranged widely from the cheapest up to plotter/design printer. Actively promote original cartridge to be used, caused this is their main revenue stream. IT user in indonesia still perceived that their product is expensive and having good quality.

Widely known as cheap printer but now positioned themselves as quality product. This is marked by their aggresive marketing in photo printer. Gained named through the most easiest to refill printer. Widely used at home due to always budget printer.

Still used mainly as dot matrix printer, unchallenged for years. Compete in cheap product with canon and now HP. Perceived also as easy to refill printer.

Some advertise campaigned but not focus. seldom people choose this product well. Out of topic one.

Samsung, IBM, etc, is used by some people. some have targeted market and some still have unfocus line of product.

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