Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mau tanya tentang Mesin Scanner Cepat

3-4 tahun lalu, saya pernah ikut seminar ttg document management yg diselenggarakan canon.
untuk entry levelnya, sekitar 25 jt kl gak salah. Kurang tahu, masih ada gak yg sekarang..
Coba cari keyword 'document management' untuk hal ini.
Saya kurang tahu, apakah mesin scanner cepat ini akan di pergunakan sbg hardware dari document management yg saya pikirkan. cmiiw...
Yg saya pernah tahu, HP ada line khusus utk document management.
Trus coba canon, dgn imageware nya.
kl document management,  malah setahu saya ukurannya spt mesin printer kantoran. Kecil, tp kecepatan scanningnya bs sampe 20-30 sheet per minutenya. 
Tp disini yg penting solusi softwarenya yg terintegrated. Untuk berbagi pakai dgn para user2 lain di tingkat network/corporate.
Semoga membantu..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Windows 2008's Terminal Services

Windows Server 2003 aja baru mulai hapal...
Eh, yg 2008 udah mulai muncul..
:( belajar mulu.....

Nih, W08 terminal service.
Kayanya keren jg nih.
Ada yg jd beta testernya disini ???
Bagi2 info dunk...

Link buat download :
Remote Desktop Client version 6.
RDC6.0 :

Yg keren buat gue cuman resolusi ama colornya..
Yg laen, kagak ngerti gue... :))

Above the Rest: Windows 2008's Terminal Services Client
One shining gem you can't ignore in the new Windows Server 2008 OS --
one which might compel you to upgrade -- is the implementation of
Terminal Services.

December 2007 * by Greg Shields

Windows Server 2008 is coming. By year's end this update to our core
Server operating system should be ready for deployment. As a function of
the five-year delay between this and our last server OS, Microsoft has
had plenty of time to work on a host of new feature sets. But, there is
one in particular that rises above the rest and has the potential for
driving the most immediate desire to upgrade: Terminal Services.

But before we start talking about what's new and exciting in the
server-side of Terminal Services, we need to spend a little talk talking
about its client and the new functionality already available within. The
new Remote Desktop Client version 6.0 actually isn't all that new,
having been released with Windows Vista. But, there are a few features
of RDC 6.0 you may not be aware of.

-- advertisement --

New Client = New Features
Other than the obvious facelift to its graphical interface, RDC has
gotten quite a bit more useful. In the previous version, the ActiveX and
full-client instances were two separate tools with two separate
installations. Now with RDC 6.0, these two functionalities have been
merged. Integrating the web-based client version with the full client
version means administrators no longer need to consider separate
installation and management of two different tools. The integration of
these two tool sets means that.RDP files on file shares as well as
web-based hosting of published desktops and applications are now
supported from the same client installation.

RDC also sports a host of new improvements in the types of devices it
can bring from the remote server to the local client. Some of those
improvements include:

* Maximum screen resolution increase to 4096x2048
* Maximum color depth increase to 32-bit color
* Support for ClearType fonts (called "font smoothing")
* Support for connected USB and other peripheral devices
* Support for Single Sign-On
* Support for spanning multiple horizontally-connected monitors
using the "/span" switch
* Enhanced security using Network Location Awareness (we'll discuss
this further in the next post)
* Ability to use client-side themes in remoted sessions
* SSL-based security using TS Gateway (we'll also talk about this in
a later post)

Each of these new visual and security-based improvements makes RDC 6.0 a
compelling upgrade, even before Server 2008 makes its debut.

Reversing Bad Security
From a security perspective, the original RDC's design was actually
backwards from what is considered good security.

Think about how you connect to a pre-W2008 Terminal Server. You enter
the name of the server and a connection is initiated to its logon
screen. Then, once you hit that logon screen you begin the process to
authenticate. From a security perspective, this isn't a good idea. By
doing it in this manner, you're actually accessing a server prior to
authenticating to it. This is the reverse of how nearly all other
network services provide authentication security.

NLA, or Network Level Authentication with RDC 6.0, reverses the order in
which a client attempts to connect. If you've used the new client,
you've probably noticed how it asks for your username and password
before it takes you to the logon screen. If you're attempting to connect
to a pre-W2008 server, a failure in that initial logon will fail back to
the old login process. But where this new feature shines is when
connecting to Windows Vista and W2008 servers with NLA configured. Here,
that failback authentication can be prevented from ever occurring. This
prevents the bad guys from gaining console access to your server without
a successful authentication.

You can set up Network Level Authentication in Vista and W2008 by right
clicking on Computer and choosing Properties, then selecting Remote
Settings. Under Remote Desktop, ensure Allow connections only from
computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more

Accessing the Console
Every previous version of Terminal Server -- and indeed every previous
version of Windows -- reserved "Session ID 0" as the connection used
when the user is directly on the console of the machine. Reserving this
session in this way was easy for software installations that pushed
error messages to the console session. But it also added the potential
for misuse as a vector for exploit. In W2008, "Session ID 0" is no
longer a session that can be used by normal users. Instead, it is the
session where system services reside. By limiting session connections in
this way, the security profile of the Terminal Server is enhanced.

What is different, though, about making this change is that what
administrators used to think of as the "console session" can now be tied
to any session ID number. The command

mstsc.exe {servername} /console

can be used to connect the user to session ID 0 for those older O/S
versions. Using the same switch with Vista and W2008, RDC 6.0 will now
automatically connect to the correct console session.

Where this comes in particularly handy is when servers run out of
licenses. Using RDC to connect to the console session doesn't consume a
TS CAL. So, in addition to being able to install software through
terminal services directly on the console, you can also use this feature
to remotely troubleshoot a Terminal Server that has stopped accepting
new connections.

Because of how this change in connections to Session ID 0 has been done,
there is one major difference between how W2003 and W2008 handle the
acceptance of incoming connections: You get one fewer concurrent

W2008 supports a total of two rather than three concurrent connections
in Remote Administration mode. With W2003, a server would support two
TermServ connections in addition to the console connection. With W2008,
a server will only accept two concurrent connections, no matter if
they're at the console or via TermServices.

This seems like bad news at first blush, but there's a bit of good news
to go with it. With W2008 the third user who attempts to connect now
gets an opportunity to kick off another user. Once the third user
connects, they'll be asked if they want to disconnect one of the other
users instead of our old error message, "The terminal server has
exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections."

All of these features are currently supported with the new RDC, which
comes native with Vista. But for those of us with XP SP2 clients on the
network, a free download from Microsoft is available that will allow you
can take advantage of these feature upgrades as well. Download the
upgrade to RDC 6.0 here.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Office 2007 SP1 Surprise -- OS/2: Dead OS Walking

Office 2007 emang banyak bug nya.
Masih sering crash kata temen2..
Untung SP1 nya udah di keluarin.
Sharing yaa... Masih banyak errornya gak ?

Gue baru tau kl OS2 nya IBM itu udah discontinue alias udah di stop
sejak desember 2006

In a welcome change, Microsoft actually delivered earlier than
expected the first service pack (SP1) for the 2007 Office System.

SP1's improvements, which were in direct response to customer
complaints, concentrated on performance, stability and security
across desktop applications and servers. Some of the improvements
include support for deploying AJAX so developers can better create
customized Web parts for users; better management capabilities so IT
admins can better consolidate or repartition site collections across
SharePoint databases; performance improvements to Outlook 2007,
particularly in working with PST/OST files; and feature improvements
in performance and stability in working with Project 2007 and
Project Server 2007.

"We think SP1 provides the stability and performance improvements
that key in on customers' productivity concerns, and beefs up
security precautions in order to stay ahead of the latest threats
from malicious software and other risks," said Reed Shaffner,
Microsoft's Office product manager. "Crashes are one of the most
frustrating experiences customers have, and the team worked hard
with SP1 to make our products more stable."

More information about the improvements contained in SP1 can be
found here:

While IBM officially discontinued support of its long-suffering OS/2
operating systems in December 2006 (I know that to many, it seems
like it's been years), there are still those zealots out there who
keep trying to open its crypt.

The latest attempt comes from, a seven-year-old site
founded by Kim Haverblad, that serves as a source for the latest
news about OS/2, along with a number of technical forums where IT
pros, third-party developers and other longtime loyalists can
exchange information and ideas about the product. Haverblad and
friends petitioned IBM last month again (the first time was in 2005)
to make the "much-loved OS/2 technology" freely available by taking
it open source.

The group acknowledges that there are inherent problems with IBM
doing this because of the third-party code still stitched in the
product. But, to that end, the group says it's willing to "contribute
its own efforts" if it will convince IBM to release the code. The
petition goes on to say that making OS/2 open source would prove
beneficial to Big Blue's larger customers. Another more subjective
reason for making the decision is "that OS/2 is an important part
of the history of the operating system and, furthermore, it still
contains values that the computer science field considers unique."
Hmm, OK. Well, there's a lot of room for debate on that one.

There have been many attempts by different groups over the years to
bring OS/2 back to life: large corporations -- most notably banks --
that are heavily invested in the product, hardcore user groups, and
vocal and influential individuals. None of these grassroots lobbying
efforts got very far, though.

OS/2 was certainly an admirable undertaking in its day, racking up
more than a few technology firsts for a 32-bit desktop operating
system. But it was too chunky to run well on the vast majority of
desktop systems back then, and was poorly positioned as a product.
(It should've been positioned as a high-end workstation OS, and not
as a direct competitor to Windows. Remember the "Better Windows
than Windows" campaign?)

But looking at all the time and money spent on getting Windows Vista
to market -- and all the criticisms leveled at it from every quarter
in its first year of availability -- it makes you wonder what sort
of product OS/2 would be today if IBM and Microsoft had worked
cooperatively on it over the past 17 years. I have to believe that
the state-of-the-art in desktop operating systems would be much more
evolved today than what we see in Vista.

It's way too late for OS/2 to make any sort of real comeback now,
but by making the product available to the open source community,
there's no telling what ideas and projects could spring up, resulting
in inexpensive but practical solutions for at least some IT shops.
Given IBM's already substantial contributions to the open source
community, maybe it should give the folks at a call
and see what sort of arrangements can be worked out. And if anyone
out there can show me where I can either download a copy of the latest
version or how I can get my hands on a CD, let me know at Even though I haven't written a story on
OS/2 since May 2000, I'm curious to see what sort of laps it can
still run.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Perkenalan milis baru

Dear, Friend!
Komunitas orang tua tunggal / single parent di Indonesia ini didirikan untuk menampung dan saling berbagi antara single parent atau orangtua tunggal dan para pemerhati dan aktivis singleparent / orang tua tunggal yg peduli terhadap tumbuh kembang anak untuk membuat keluarga seutuhnya. jakarta - Indonesia.
This single parents community was established to gather dan share each other experience, also a place for any activist/supporting person to help any children & single parent in Jakarta / Indonesia.

Untuk bergabung, cukup kirim email kosong ke : Subscribe:
To Join Indonesia single parent, send empty email to :

Untuk berkunjung, silahkan ke web :
To visit, go to our milist :

Note : This mailing list is intended only for indonesian people (with Bahasa Indonesia).

===Kalau anda mempunyai teman, saudara, dan kenalan yg mungkin single parent, bantulah mereka dengan memforward email ini===

Perkenalan milis baru

Dear, Friend!
Komunitas orang tua tunggal / single parent di Indonesia ini didirikan untuk menampung dan saling berbagi antara single parent atau orangtua tunggal dan para pemerhati dan aktivis singleparent / orang tua tunggal yg peduli terhadap tumbuh kembang anak untuk membuat keluarga seutuhnya. jakarta - Indonesia.
This single parents community was established to gather dan share each other experience, also a place for any activist/supporting person to help any children & single parent in Jakarta / Indonesia.

Untuk bergabung, cukup kirim email kosong ke : Subscribe:
To Join Indonesia single parent, send empty email to :

Untuk berkunjung, silahkan ke web :
To visit, go to our milist :

Note : This mailing list is intended only for indonesian people (with Bahasa Indonesia).

===Kalau anda mempunyai teman, saudara, dan kenalan yg mungkin single parent, bantulah mereka dengan memforward email ini===

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

List of network adapter manufacturer.

I use this to look for USB network adapter. Lastly i found one, on Linksys Gigabit USB1000. Just take a look.





Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sharing satellite subscription card


Cardsharing is a method to use one satellite subscription card with more than one satellite receiver You have in a same time.

is a term used concerning unauthorised access to premium television channels on (mostly digital) television receivers, that do not have physical access to a smartcard. There are both illegal and legal versions of cardsharing. However, both versions are considered to be television piracy by the broadcasters and content providers.

As technology has made the security of smartcards in conditional access systems increase, card sharing has become a more popular method of pirate decryption. Much of the development of card sharing hardware and software has taken place in Europe where national boundaries mean that home users are able to receive satellite television signals from many countries but are unable to legally subscribe to them due to licensing restrictions on broadcasters.

Card sharing is a method by which independent receivers obtain simultaneous access to a pay television network, using one legitimate conditional access subscription card. Typically, the legitimate card is attached to a personal computer or set top box typically Triple-Dragon or Dreambox, which is connected to a computer network, including the internet, and is configured to provide the legitimately decrypted control word to other receivers who request the information. This decrypted control word is then used to decode an encrypted conditional access service, as though each other receiver were using its own subscription card.

Because the length of the control word is so small (often 16 bytes), delivery of the control words over wide area networks to many different set top boxes is easily possible on a home internet connection. This has sparked off the creation of sharing network groups, in which a user can access the group by sharing their subscription card with the group, and in turn, being capable of receiving the channels which all users' cards can decrypt, as though the user owned every single subscription card. Other networks have also been created, whereby one server has multiple legitimate subscription cards connected to it. Access to this server is then restricted to those who pay the server's owner their own subscription fee.

Another use for card sharing has become apparent as Europe migrates from analog to digital tv. As the tv signal turns digital, a digital set top box is needed for each TV in the household. Each set top box normally needs to have its own smart card in order to be able to decrypt premium channels. Most pay-tv providers (but not all) offers extra subscription cards to subscribers for a reduced fee compared to the original first card. The extra cards usually come with more restrictions than the first card, such as certain channels excluded from being decrypted by any card except the (more expensive) first one. This practice is mostly dictated by the content providers (tv networks) and poses a problem from a consumer rights perspective, as the subscribers are essentially forced to paying for the same channels twice, whereas in the analog world the channels would be unlocked on every TV in the household with only one fee. In order to avoid paying for the same content twice, many subscribers use card sharing to share their single smartcard among all the receivers in their households, arguing that it is just fair use. This practice can in some cases mean a breach of the contract between the subscriber and the content provider. It is however not an illegal activity, since the subscriber pays for the smartcard and the smartcard is only used within the subscriber's own household.

Card sharing has caused major concern to the conditional access subscription card manufacturers, and their respective pay-tv companies, since virtually every encryption system can be shared, allowing unauthorised access. Unlike the hacking of smart cards, card sharing is relatively new, thanks to the recent increase in home internet speeds. Conditional access providers therefore have few counter measures to combat its use. One such method, used by several providers, is to greatly increase the frequency of changing the control word, used to decode the channel. With changing occurring as frequently as once every 5 seconds, this puts extra stress onto the subscription cards processor, meaning that clients are frustrated by short, but frequent, missed viewing, making viewing possible, but with extreme inconvenience. In response to this, card sharing servers have appeared that caches control words in order to prevent overloading of the smartcards processor if the same code word is requested more than once.

The future of card sharing is unknown, because it is equally unclear how widespread its use is. Many conditional access providers may see it unworthy to produce new cards to send to all subscribers, as their manufacturing costs are too high. Most probably also realize that and the additional "security" will eventually be circumvented anyways. The latest Irdeto cards for example, have been produced in a way by which card sharing seemed not possible, but now they can be shared again.

Information here are copy paste from :

What is cardsharing?

Cardsharing is a method to use one satellite subscription card with more than one satellite receivers in a same time. With cardsharing, your digital receiver gets the keys via the Internet or LAN from another location, instead from your local smartcard. This mean, You can use your smartcard with all your satellite receivers in a same time. Why to buy two or more subscriptions for the same package, if You want to watch these channels on more than one receiver? Your family doesn't like the program You are watching? Install a LAN in your house, and connect all your receivers to the cardsharing network! Enjoy!

This site tries to cover these systems, to collect the current cardsharing techniques and make them available online.

What I need to use it?

You will need the following components:

DVB Receiver; it can be a PCI card (like SkyStar 1 or 2) or a set top box called DBox or DreamBox
A permanent LAN or WAN connection to your cardserver host
A valid account on the cardserver host
Installed client plugins on the receiver systems

SkyStar 2 or similar PCI card based systems are not as professional like DBox, but they offer more functionality.

DBox means the best solution for people who need high quality and high reliability. It is equipped with Ethernet port, so You can connect it your computer, ADSL modems etc.

Which TV channels can I follow using this method?

You can watch every scrambled TV channels if You have connection to the proper cardsharing server.

Monday, July 23, 2007

VISTA have built in RMS client.

RMS topic was dedicated to help solve my friend, Syahrul's problem. Below article was taken from Microsoft as refer by him.

Rights Management Services

To facilitate sharing and collaboration, the Rights Management Services (RMS) client is now part of Windows Vista. RMS is designed to secure data against unauthorized use when it is sent in e-mail or used in any other rights-enabled application, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel®. There are three components to the RMS solution: the server, the desktop, and the platform. For the server part of this equation, Windows Rights Management Services for Windows Server™ 2003 is required. This information protection service of Windows Server 2003 establishes user account certificates, issues use licenses, enables the creation and storage of the rights policy templates, and so on.

The desktop tier performs the actual data security operations like encrypting data, and is planned for inclusion by default on Windows Vista. This allows you to use applications that integrate with RMS technologies and immediately take advantage of the feature without incurring the cost of an additional deployment.

Windows Vista also provides a significant update in the RMS platform for creating rights-protected information. This update comes in the form of Windows Presentation Foundation, which delivers a set of APIs that allows developers to rights-enable any file built using the Open Packaging Conventions. This defines a file format for application information that will be used by XML Paper Specification (XPS) Documents and the next version of Office. Windows Vista will also include an RMS-enabled XPS Viewer that can rights-protect any data published in this format.

RMS Price

Based on Microsoft release.
not available on any online store in Indonesia. Contoact your MS. Vendor.

RMS Pricing

Windows RMS Client Access License

$37 each

Single RMS CAL (choose User CAL or Device CAL at time of purchase)

Windows RMS Client Access License Five Pack


Five additional RMS CALs

Windows RMS External Connector License


Optional license for External Users accessing Windows RMS software

RMS Client : Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Client with Service Pack 2 - x86

The Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) Client Service Pack 2 is required for your computer to run applications that provide functionality based on Windows RMS technologies.

Installing this client places software on your computer that allows RMS-aware applications to work with Rights Management Services (RMS) to provide licenses for publishing and consuming RMS-protected information. If you have a previous version of the RMS Client installed on your computer, installing this Client will replace the previous version of the RMS Client. Once installed, the Client will be ready for use by applications designed to support RMS, providing you with access to RMS features.
The RMS Client can be uninstalled from the Add or Remove Programs dialog box in the Windows control panel.

Other Files :
Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Client with Service Pack 2 - X64 Edition
Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Client with Service Pack 2 - IA64 Edition
Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services with Service Pack 2
Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer

RMS Server : Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services with Service Pack 2

Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) 1.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides the platform for an organizational rights policy management system.

Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) 1.0 Service with Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, a security service for Windows Server 2003, is information protection that works with RMS-enabled applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use – both online and offline, inside and outside of the firewall. For more information about RMS SP2, please go to

Since this server component is provided as a premium service for Windows Server 2003, a Windows RMS Client Access License (CAL) is required for each user publishing and/or consuming Rights Management Services (RMS)-protected content. However, up to two users may simultaneously access or use RMS solely for administration of the software without a CAL. For more details on licensing requirements, please review the End User License Agreement when downloading this premium service.

Although RMS is designed for and tested with database servers running SQL Server 2000 and MSDE, and Microsoft does not support the usage of RMS together with a database provider other than either SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 or MSDE, RMS can be run on other database servers that use the ADO.NET interfaces that are provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore, other database vendors may have developed compatible database providers for RMS. You may use any database provider together with RMS on the condition that the corresponding database server complies with the following criteria:

* The database server must be Transact-SQL compliant because RMS initialization scripts and RMS stored procedures use Transact-SQL.

* The database server must support any Microsoft SQL Server-specific extensions.

Windows Rights Management Services Pricing and Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions

Taken from microsoft website :

Q. Under what circumstances do I need an RMS CAL?
A. An RMS CAL is required for each user or device that interacts with (e.g. creates or views) rights-protected information within an organization's rights management environment.

Q. Do I need an RMS CAL if I'm only viewing rights-protected information?
A. Yes. An RMS CAL is required any time a user creates or views a rights-protected document, e-mail message, or HTML content. RMS validates that the user has permission to view the rights-protected information by connecting to the RMS server, verifying the user's credentials and issuing a "usage license."

Q. If I am licensed for Microsoft Office 2003, do I need an RMS CAL?
A. Yes. An RMS CAL is required because RMS licensing requirements are not related to the use of Microsoft Office or any other RMS-enabled application.

Q. If I have paid for the RMS CAL to enable Microsoft Office 2003 Information Rights Management (IRM) features and then I license another RMS-enabled application that uses Rights Management Services, do I have to pay for another RMS CAL?
A. No. One RMS CAL per user or device fulfills the licensing requirement for accessing or using the RMS server within the given rights management domain. The RMS CAL supports an unlimited number of RMS-enabled applications.

Q. If I have a Windows Server 2003 Client Access License (Windows CAL), do I still need an RMS CAL?
A. Yes. An RMS CAL is required. A Windows CAL fulfills the licensing requirement to access and use the Windows Server software. RMS is an additional premium service of Windows Server 2003, so if you use RMS functionality, an RMS CAL is required. This requirement is similar to the way in which Terminal Services, another premium service, is licensed.

Q. If I am licensed for the Core CAL, do I need an RMS CAL?
A. Yes. An RMS CAL is required. The RMS CAL is not part of the Core CAL. However, Microsoft is extending special pricing for Core CAL Software Assurance customers to acquire the RMS CAL plus Software Assurance. Contact your local volume licensing reseller for more information on the promotion.

Q. If I want to send a rights-protected document to someone outside of my organization, what are the licensing requirements?
A. To enable rights-protected viewing outside your organization, you can acquire a Windows Server 2003 External Connector License and an RMS External Connector License for each RMS server that your external users will access. This fulfills the RMS licensing requirements, so you do not have to purchase individual Windows CALs and RMS CALs for each external user.

An external user means any person (not an organization) who is not any of the following:
• your full-time, part-time, or temporary employee;
• agency temporary personnel or independent contractor on assignment at your worksite; or
• your customer to whom you provide hosted services with the server software.

Q. If both my company and my business partner's company have RMS CALs for our respective rights management environments, are we licensed to exchange rights-protected documents between our organizations?
A. No. The RMS CAL only grants you access to your respective RMS environment. Since your company is external to your business partner's company and vice versa, both a Windows Server External Connector (EC) license and RMS EC license are required for each RMS server that your partner's company will access.

In other words, you (Company A) must have Windows Server and RMS EC licenses for your partner (Company B) to legally access rights-protected documents created from within your company. Likewise, your business partner (Company B) must have Windows Server and RMS EC licenses for you (Company A) to legally access rights-protected documents created by your partner.

Alternatively, you may purchase individual Windows Server and RMS CALs for each of your partners' users and vice versa. Any time an external user touches a given domain's server (i.e. your partner accesses a document protected by your server, or you access a document protected by your partner's server), the user or device must be licensed either by an EC or a CAL. The licensee of the RMS server must properly license both internal and external access to that instance of RMS.

Q. Are there any exceptions to the RMS licensing requirements?
A. Yes. For Microsoft Office 2003 users, there is a free trial Information Rights Management (IRM) service available for customers who do not have Windows Server 2003. This service enables users to share documents and messages with restricted permission by using Microsoft .NET Passport as the authentication mechanism, as opposed to Active Directory directory service. If information is rights-protected using the Microsoft .NET Passport service, CALs are not required. To learn more, visit IRM in Microsoft Office 2003.

Q. RMS is on the October price lists. Why can't I find the software media in the October Volume License (VL) kit?
A. RMS software media will be delivered in a future VL kit even though the product will appear on the October price lists. Since RMS will be available for download via the Internet sometime in late October, it appears on the October price lists.

Q. How much does an RMS CAL cost?
A. For complete pricing information, please review the RMS Pricing and Licensing Overview page.

Q. Is there a difference in price for the RMS User CAL and the RMS Device CAL?
A. No. The price for the RMS User CAL and RMS Device CAL is the same. For complete pricing information, please review the RMS Pricing and Licensing Overview page.

Q. How can I try RMS?
A. You can try RMS for up to 180 days without purchasing RMS CALs. To do this, you must install the RMS Server on top of an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. The evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003 automatically expires in 180 days. The RMS Server does not have an expiration.

Q. Do I need to buy RMS CALs to try RMS?
A. No. You can try RMS for up to 180 days without purchasing CALs.

Q. What do I do at the end of 180 days?
A. At any time during the evaluation period or at the end of 180 days, the evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition can be converted into a production server by either purchasing a full license for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, or by applying an existing license to the RMS server. At that time, you must also purchase RMS CALs for every user or device that is creating or consuming rights-protected content.

Q. Where can I get an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003?
A. The Windows Server 2003 R2 trial software can be found at

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can not enable forwarder on DNS Server

Can not enable forwarder on DNS Server Windows 2000 server or Win 2003 server.

Check this out :

This is the solution if :
1. Your you can not enable forwarder.
2. Enable forwarder is grey out
3. you can not tick or untick the 'enable forwarder' option
4. you can not add forwarder on DNS system

Solution to solve this problem
- go to administrative tools
- There is DNS Server
- go to forward lookup zone
- delete "." Zone. yup, delet '.' zone...
- restart. go to the DNS after restart.
- right click on server name --> properties
- forwarder tab
- tick the 'enable forwarder' option
- add your ISP DNS server or someone else's DNS address.

Good luck

Friday, April 20, 2007

IT Store in Indonesia


In Indonesia, there is a lot of offline store. But their place is a bit located in some place. Off course, you could get one or two store on each mall and on each main streets/roads. But the computer store is easily found put in some place.

Computer store, same like any other store usually open at 10.00 AM till 10.00 PM. Some store in located near "3-in-1" road zone, such as Ratu Plaza, or even Mangga Dua, open on 11.00 AM. And closed as early as 05.00 PM or 06.00 PM.


Ratu Plaza - Third Floor.
Jl Jend. Sudirman No. 9 Jakarta
Note : Sudirman - Thamrin Jakarta - Near SCBD / business district

GadjahMada Plaza
Jl Gadjah Mada - Jakarta Pusat
Note : Near Kota area - Harmoni/Hayam Wuruk.

Harco Mangga Dua
Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta - 10730

Mangga Dua Square
Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta - 10730

ITC Mangga Dua
Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta - 10730

Mangga Dua Mall
Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta - 10730

Orion Dusit Mangga Dua
Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta - 10730

POINS Square
Lebak Bulus - Jakarta
Note : biggest in south jakarta - near ciputat/pondok indah area.

Let me know if you have any good computer mall information.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Software : CMS with Joomla

Here is Joomla is all about :

Short description:
Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

It's web is located in :

Currently, newest stable released is in version 1.0.12. take a look below to get idea, and start download it. It run on PHP web server. So choose carefully your web hosting service.

Joomla! 1.0.12 Released

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Joomla! 1.0.12 [ Sunfire ] is available as of Monday the 25th of December 2006 1:00 UTC for download here.

We suggest that all Joomla! users upgrade to this version.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

ISP : ISP List from Depkominfo

Here is list from depkominfo site (copy & paste directly). As you well known, this list is an additional information about ISP in Indonesia. You could check my previous list about ISP in :

Aplikanusa Lintasarta, PT -

Kantor : Gedung Menara Thamrin 12th Floor Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 3, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 230-2345

AsiakomNet Multimedia, PT -

Gedung Gratika, Kramat Raya 140 Jakarta
Telp: (021) 3190 3456

Bitnet Komunikasindo, PT -

Kantor : Jl. R.P. Soeroso 37, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 390-3939

Broadband Multimedia, Tbk - kabelvision

Telepon : (021) 527-8811 Jakarta

Bukit Mahligai, PT -

Telepon : (021) 520-9060 Jakarta

Bumi Sejahtera Intikencana, PT -

Kantor : Kompleks Ruko Beteng Blok B8 , Solo Telepon : (0271) 657-625

Caraka Binetkatara, PT -

Kantor : Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia Tower C, Lt. 14, 15, Penthouse, Jl. Let. Jen. TB. Simatupang Kav.88 Jakarta Telepon : (021) 785-17800

Centrin Utama, PT -

Kantor : Jl. Braga No. 76 , Bandung Telepon : (022) 423-4346

Comtronics System, PT -

Kantor : Jl. Setrasari Mall Blok B4 No 74, Bandung Telepon : (022) 200-9131

Cyberindo Aditama, PT -

Kantor : Manggala Wanabakti IV, 6th Floor, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 574-2488

Dyviacom Intrabumi, PT -

Kantor : Menara Batavia Lobby Level, Jl KH Mas Mansyur Kav 126 Jakarta Telepon : (021) 572-7218

Elgayasa Media, PT -

Kantor : Jl.Lembong No.14, Bandung Telepon : (022) 422-0751

Excelcomindo Pratama, PT -

Kantor : Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot. E4-7 No. 1, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 5795-9675

Fajar Informasi Globalnet, PT -

Kantor : Elektrindo Building Lt 10, Jl Kuningan Barat No 8, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 526-9559

Gama Nusa Persada, PT -

Jakarta Telepon : (021) 831-2222

Generasi Indonesia Digital, PT - Gen.Net.ID

Kantor : Elektrindo Bldg. 10th Fl. Jl.Kuningan Barat No.8 Jakarta 12710 Telp. : (021) 5266 222, Fax : (021) 5296 3327

Global Pratamasis Netsindo -

Kantor : Gedung Patra Jasa #20-40 Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 32-34 Jakarta Telepon : (021) 5290-0688

Indo Pratama Cybernet, PT -

Kantor : Menara Bidakara Lt. Dasar Suite 14, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kv. 71-73, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 837-01988

Indointernet, PT -

Kantor : Grha Citra Caraka (Gedung Telkom) Lantai M, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 52, Jakarta Telepon : (021) 525-8182

Indosat, PT -

Jl. Kebagusan Raya No. 36 Ragunan
Telp.: (021) 386-4901

Infokom Elektrindo, PT

Menara Kebon Sirih Lt. 26, Jl. Kebon Sirih 17-19
Telp.: (021) 392-9925

Internet Abad Millenium, PT -

(031) 841-8896


BPPT, Gd.1 - Lt.16 , Jl. M.H. Thamrin 8
Telp.: (021) 316-8701

Jala Widya Caraka, PT -

Telp: (022) 251-2982

Jasnita Telekomindo, PT -

E Trade Building 5th Floor, Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim 5
Telp: (021) 391-6280

Medialintas Antar Buana, PT -

Telp.: (021) 582-5372

Pasific Link Indonesia -

Wisma Dharma Niaga, 1st floor Jl. Abdul Muis 6-8-10
Telp: (021) 386-3146

Transmedia Mitra Indonesia, PT -

Grha Citra Caraka, Telkom Bld, Mezzanine Floor,
Jl. Jend.Gatot Subroto 52
Telp: (021) 750-7210

Info : Applying for .ID domain

Below are requirement to apply & get .ID domain.
You could get,,,,,,,

See below information (in Bahasa), to get your .,ID domain name.

Jadi kalo elo butuh .id, tinggal liat aja persyaratan dibawah. Jadi gak perlu bingung lagi. ok.

Persyaratan Penggunaan DTD danPendaftaran Nama Domain

DTD(Domain Tingkat Dua)

Persyaratan Penggunaan DTD danPendaftaran Nama Domain
  • Untuk lembaga pendidikan minimal penyelenggara setara diploma I
  • SK Depdikbud pendirian lembaga
  • No Akta Pendirian / SK REKTOR (Pimpinan Lembaga)
  • Surat pernunjukan/kuasa dari pejabat tertinggi lembaga pendidikan tentang pendaftar domain
  • Fotokopi KTP/kartu identitas penerima kuasa.
  • Untuk perusahaan Swasta yang memiliki Badan Hukum
  • Fotokopi KTP Penanggung jawab
  • NPWP
  • SIUP / Akte Pendirian Perusahaan
  • khusus untuk perusahaan, pastikan bahwa Anda memiliki nama perusahaan (harus disertai nomor NPWP atau SIUP) yang sama atau berhubungan dengan domain yang Anda pilih.
  • Surat pendaftaran merk atau hak paten (bila ada).
  • Untuk area pemerintahan seperti Instansi, Departemen, Lembaga, Badan, DPR, MA, BPK, Komisi (yang dibentuk berdasar undang-undang), dll.
  • Pendaftar bertindak atas nama badan/lembaga/institusi pemerintah dan termasuk dalam kategori departemen, non departemen, DPR, MA, BPK, dll.
  • Surat Keputusan Kepala Institusi/ minimal pejabat eselon2 tentang pemilihan nama domain.
  • Nama domain yang didaftarkan harus merupakan nama resmi lembaga, instansi, departemen, yang berkaitan dengan pemerintah Indonesia.
  • Nama domain mengacu pada Rancangan Peraturan Menteri Komunikasi Dan Informatika Tahun 2006 tentang penggunaan nama domain untuk situs web resmi penyelenggara Negara.
  • Struktur organisasi dari pemerintahan yang berkaitan dengan kantor tersebut akan digunakan sebagai landasan dalam menentukan nama serta susunan selanjutnya dari sub-domain
  • Domain untuk TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia)
  • Pendaftar bertindak atas nama TNI.
  • Adanya Surat Keputusan tentang pemilihan nama domain.
  • Nama domain yang didaftarkan harus merupakan nama resmi lembaga
  • Struktur organisasi dari instasi akan digunakan sebagai landasan dalam menentukan nama serta susunan selanjutnya dari sub-domain.
  • Untuk organisasi pemegang Ijin Penyelenggara jasa telekomunikasi (ISP, Telco, VSAT, Seluler dll.)
  • Fotokopi KTP Penanggung jawab
  • Ijin usaha telekomunikasi (ISP, Telco, VSAT, Seluler dll.) dari Pemerintah.
  • Untuk Organisasi/ Yayasan/ Perkumpulan/ Komunitas
  • Fotokopi KTP Penanggung jawab
  • SK. Organisasi / Akte Yayasan / Akte Organisasi
  • Untuk Lembaga Pendidikan seperti SD, SMP, SMU, dan lainnya yang beroperasi sesuai dengan perundangan yang berlaku, baik yang berada di bawah naungan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional maupun dibawah naungan instansi pemerintah lainnya.
  • Surat pengajuan resmi dari Pimpinan Sekolah (diatas kop surat, ditandatangani dan dibubuhi stempel sekolah ybs)
  • Surat penugasan dari Pimpinan Sekolah kepada Penanggungjawab Domain yang disertai dengan identitas dari Penanggungjawab Domain


  • Disarankan untuk menambahkan nama kota atau singkatan kota dalam domain sekolah, misalnya:
  • Setiap pengiriman ulang, seluruh berkas persyaratan tetap dilampirkan
  • Untuk usaha Warung Internet
  • Fotokopi KTP Penanggung jawab
  • SIUP / Ijin Mengadakan Keramaian (jika ada)
  • Untuk organisasi atau perorangan
  • Fotokopi KTP Penanggung jawab
  • Surat Keterangan organisasi

Info : Register .ID domain

In the last few days, I'm a bit confused looking for a way to register .ID domain. Now, I finnaly found how to get there.

There is two way to get registered or having domain with .ID in the back of your domain name.
1. Go to : and click DOMAIN ID graphic button on right column.
2. Go to :

Anything you choose will be on the same page :D

Here is information regarding registering domain with .ID :
(sorry, in bahasa, please remember that the information is valid till today 22 March 2007).


  1. Depkominfo telah menerima zone file berdasarkan batas akhir tanggal 31 Agustus 2005 yang mengacu pada Nota Kesepahaman tanggal 22 Juli 2005 antara Sekjen APJII dan Pengelola ccTLD tentang kelangsungan pelayanan pengelolaan nama domain .ID
  2. Pendaftaran untuk nama domain baru sudah dapat dilaksanakan mulai tanggal 3 Oktober 2005 pukul 18.00 WIB.Klik disini
  3. Pendaftaran nama domain baru belum dipungut biaya/iuran.
  4. Sehubungan dengan telah beroperasinya aplikasi sistem pengelolaan nama domain.ID dan telah dilengkapinya database domain.ID dengan bantuan dari beberapa ISP dan komunitas Internet Indonesia, maka dengan ini kami menutup pendaftaran ulang.
  5. Data yang telah terkumpul dari pendaftaran ulang akan kami pergunakan untuk verifikasi dan pembanding.
  6. Bagi pemilik/pengelola nama domain.ID yang belum mendaftar ulang, dapat memverifikasi kepemilikan, melakukan perubahan dan penghapusan nama domain.ID melalui, khusus bagi yang ingin melakukan perubahan dan penghapusan nama domain.ID, harus membuat account melalui pendaftaran user serta melakukan aktivasi terlebih dahulu.
  7. Semua nama domain.ID yang masa berlakunya berakhir ditahun 2006 akan diperbaharui hingga tanggal 31 Maret 2007. Perpanjangan masa berlaku nama domain.ID tidak dipungut biaya
  8. Pertanyaan mengenai pengelolaan nama domain dapat diajukan melalui Email: telp:(021) 6883 0615


1. Untuk sementara, pendaftaran maupun pengelolaan domain akan lebih optimal jika menggunakan web browser Firefox [download di sini]. Untuk browser lainnya, ada kemungkinan terjadi error pada interface.

2. Untuk email aktivasi registrasi yang menggunakan email dari yahoo, mohon periksa bulk folder anda.

3. Sistem pengelolaan domain .ID ini dapat diakses melalui link berikut

4. Perubahan nomor telepon support domain .ID menjadi 021-68830615 dan 021-71314018

5. Pendaftaran domain .ID secara gratis diperpanjang hingga 30 April 2007

Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanan ini.


Indonesia, all of information and communication is handled by Ministry / Department of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia. In bahasa : Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika Republik Indonesia.

It address is in :
Office is located in :
Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika Republik Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 9, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

In this site you will get many information about the department. IT regulation and official /legal law in Indonesia. On the frontpage, you will see mainly depkominfo news and many important links, such as scholarship, government regulation, e-procurement, community, and many more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Site : Offline Ms Windows Update

Now we are review another method of updating windows. Just go to this site :

Promise to give offline alternative to microsoft Windows Update mechanism, this site is supported by cachefly.

It deliver autoupdate option, after SP2. Meanwhile SP2, are already embeded on many Windows XP Installer. You just need to download one time and deliver the update to multiple computer. Simple and truly alternative to windows update.

With this solution, you could improve efficiency, hassle, many clicks, automatic restart, notification. It just better than your WSUS system. It worth to try.

Currently support Windows XP, Windows 2000, & Windows 2003.

How the system works.
Download full for the first time. Then download Monthly update. Every month.
Full download, also include many tweak, registry tweak, 3rd party, patches, add on,
Currently available is February 2007 full download. Approx. 303 MB size woth to download.

Thanks guys for your solution.
Note : This solution can be applied on corporate level too. Just insert on shared folder. Insert script on your user account profile/ use it on group policy. Then your system will be updated without question. Only need one time restart.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Review : Local Business Solution

This is my last review about Mega bazaar 2007.

I would like to discuss more about our software/application solution, applicable to office environment. Here is the solution exhibited :

FINA Business Software
Application designed to help your businees in understanding & controlling it. They gave 8 surest way to increase your business profit.

RetailSoft Platinum
The developer believe that this software is the best one in retail business & general trading. It was design to increase performance and maximize control to your business.

MyBiz Software
Focus on small business offer a comprehensive solution to manage your business.

Just check their product to prove that theirs are the best.

Review : e-Box, an All in One Office Services

Having an headache for handling all services in your local network ?? Your budget got limited. e-box is one of the solution.

Refered by bos_asep again, this Open Source solution is giving you total control of your network.

Check its feature :

  • manage network objects
  • netwok configuration
  • firewall
  • administration interface
  • transparent proxy and content filter
  • LDAP server to store user & group
  • Windows PDC (Primary Domain Controller)
  • File sharing server
  • Store your mailboxes
  • Acts as mail relay
  • Jabber IM (instant messaging) server
  • DHCP server
  • DNS cache
  • NTP server (Date& Time server)
  • VLANs
  • Backup capability
Not enough ???
You must be crazy, this offer is unbelieavle at no price.

Check this out at

Review : Looking for your First Time Computer ?

Mega Bazaar 2007, already pass over a few days. One thing I take full attention is that this year, number of notebook/laptop manufacturer is getting a lot more than computer & peripheral manufacturer.

Also the price is getting to bottom line, means that the price is very cheap.

The winner for notebook with lowest price is AXIOO. You could bring home a laptop with just Rp 3.999.000,-. for type VL624NC. The lowest offered found so far. For a new user, this notebook is very recommended. If you think the notebook is not enough, then you could just sell it again for the same price, and still people wait in line. Its very hot price guys.. Useful for doing most office work, internet job, and doing enough entertainment task, such as watching DVD & listen to MP3.

Here is the list for all computer. I also, put the cheapest version of new core2duo version, so you could take a comparison.

Cheapest is VL624NC with Rp 3.999.000,-. Core2duo ML058 with Rp. 9.999.000,-

Rp 4.399.000,- for type C-715N. You will also get WebCam at this price. Its core2duo version is Rp 7.999.000,- for version Centurion C-847.

This well known brand sold its Aspire 3683NWXCi at Rp 5.799.000,-. Core2Duo could be brought home at Rp 9.600.000,- for Travelmate 3273WXMi,

Its VSeries V33i is already promoted here, but I get no info about their price at the brochure. The wireless features is exhilarated, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, Bluetooth, Wifi.. what wireless feature you can't found here.

Their cheapest version is HP500 with just Rp 4.990.000,- Its Core2duo available at tag price Rp 9.900.000,- for NX6320 series.

Just giveaway a one pink paper leaflet, offer FS-1022 (PM 710) at Rp 5.650.000,-. FS-1024 (T5500) is available at market price Rp 7.550.000,-.

Boasted as No 1. PC Brand n japan, start offering at US$ 549 for NEC Versa L2200. Core2Duo start from US$ 969 NEC Versa P7201-F1622DR or you get E6201-F1616DRC.

A new manufacturer comes up in this bazaar and offered BL-1011 at the price Rp 5.250.000,-. Core2Duo version is not available.

One of the big vendor come here with numerous new arrival notebook. You could bring home a Satellite A100/5 at Rp 6.999.000,-. The cheapest model for Core2Duo is Rp 9.599.000,- for the same model of Satellite A100/5 but with Core2Duo processor.

Another japan notebook manufacturer, bring its Lifebook series. The cheapest one is at the class of core2duo, the Lifebook S6311e at the price of Rp 15,28 jt.

One of my most favourite notebook, offered number two rank for the cheapest laptop product in this event. Starting from Rp 4.200.000,- for G320+ series. Eventhough it doesn't offer Core2Duo platform, it is surely promote the Origami. Collaborate with Microsoft, Origami is the first UltraMobilePC version.

After acquire IBM Thinkpad division, it bring an US$ 849 notebook Y400-945432A. Core2Duo can be easily bring home at US$ 959, a Y400-945433A version.

Without giving any price tag, it brings ASUS S6 leather collection. This is one of amazing breakthrough in notebook style.

So, with all of its advantages and affordable price, what are you waiting for ? No need big and heavy desktop, just bring a laptop to your home now..

Review : Open Source IP PBX (note : FREE)

Welcome to the world of open source, where solution comes for free..

My online friends recommend me about another product today, an IP PBX solution. He ask me to go to

What is exactly IP PBX ??
PBX or Private Branch eXchange (it also known as PABX : Private Automatic Branch eXchange).

Taken from SearchVoip.COm :,,sid66_gci214278,00.html

A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. The main purpose of a PBX is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company's central office.

The PBX is owned and operated by the enterprise rather than the telephone company (which may be a supplier or service provider, however). Private branch exchanges used analog technology originally. Today, PBXs use digital technology (digital signals are converted to analog for outside calls on the local loop using plain old telephone service).

Asterisk, as they say, is the most popular and extensible open source telephone system in the world, offering flexibility, functionality and features not available in advanced, high-end (high-cost) proprietary business systems. Asterisk is a complete IP PBX (private branch exchange) for businesses, and can be downloaded for free.

Yup completely free. Welcome to the opensource where everything is free...

Yup, for every ultimate solution, there is always but. But we need hardware, not just the software. The CPU must be equipped by card to connect to your telecommunication provider, and cards to connect to your desk phone. The cheapest for telco card is about US$500 for 8 analog line. In Indonesia, a small PBX, just need about 5 mill to have small pabx.

In my opinion, Asterisk is only usefull for Middle & above corporation. It is not suitable for start up and small/micro enterprise. The cost will also increase if you count training, setup, & maintenance cost. But it is still a good option to have such a complete solution for your office.

Solution is sound by bos_asep.

Review : Audio System

Eventhough done in the same date as Mega Bazaar, this is not about Jakarta Audio - Video Exhibition (JAVE).

I take a look on many speaker, sound system, & audio entertainment system.

On personal devices, many devices looks like iPod, is coming up here. MP3/MP4 player can be easily get. I bought one too.

MP4 player could cost 500.000,- each for 1,8" screen. Compared to 1,5" about Rp 385.000,- Very interesting price. On 1,8", you could get 128x128 pixel screen size. Meanwhile 1.5" will about 96x96. A converter can be easily get. The format is is AMV format. You could only convert from MPG/AVI. VOB tested is always error.

Bluetooth technology also comes to this segment market to enhance personal sound experience.

Other product such as speaker, headset, and many more, is not different.

Please enjoy..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Review : Software Products

Last mega bazaar is a bit shocking.
Why ? Cause there is almost none software vendor from foreign company. So, it is a very clear sign that they don't consider our market as an important one. This is also give a clear signal, that they are not care about war against piracy.

Even if i'm against piracy, but without support, in the next one year, pirated CD stores with its CDs will come back, and will open more store across Indonesia.

Only one stand offer Genuine Software, it is Some of Indonesia company also offer business solution software. Its a good sign that our national product will thrive and fight back in local competition. Also, we hope that our software could survive in regional software market.

SoftwareAsli, offer many products. M Office, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Office 2003/2007, windows 2003 server, Adobe & Macromedia, and antivirus software (such as McAfee, Norton, Norman, & Kaspersky).

How about their price..?
Compared to Bhinneka, their price is a bit cheaper. On quick check, you could get about $3 lower than Bhineka. Just check for your self.

Good luck

Monday, March 12, 2007

Books : The Challenge - Robert G. Allen

But because I failed to get that job, I was forced to look in a different direction, to take a road less traveled. And where has it led me ? To a life of financial freedom. Today, I earn more and work less than even the president of Procter & Gamble, and I wouldn't consider trading places with him for the world.

You see, sometimes God answes prayers by closing doors, not by opening them. And not till years later do we see the wisdom of our failures - when the fruits of our failures become evident. We have to learn to defer judgment until the final verdict. You must learn to see good in every setback. If you do, your failures will not be so painful. Failure, in fact, will no longer be failure, only feedback. (The Challenge - Robert G. Allen)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Review : Internet Products & Services

This review is mainly taken from Mega Bazaar Computer 2007 held in JCC (jakarta Convention Center), 7-11 March 2007. All data gather are from brochure and flyers.

As usual, here is the product & service promoted :

Telkom Speedy. give free activation & Rp 100.000,- modem price for this exhibition. Also giveaway discount & attractive packages.

CBN, as one of the biggest internet provider, promote some of their products, such as : CBN prepaid, CBN Cable Internet, CBN hotspot, CBN wiring, CBn Dial up, CBN @nywhere, & CBN ADSL.Their services is the most complete solution for households and small-medium enterprise.

Shiro, a provider of ADSL modem, promote together with Speedy, provide cheap ADSL modem. You could get their ADSL modem at Rp 375.000,- each.

Prolink, one of IT vendor also promote their ADSL modem here. They also bundle their product with Speedy.

U Net, from Sistelindo, provide Business Network Solution services, U dial -a dial up internet service, & U B-Band (high speed access using ADSL) to their customer.You could start their ADSl services using Limited Home package from Rp 370.000,- for your first payment and monthly only Rp 170.000,-.

Tecom, provide special price started from Rp 100.000,- bundle with Speedy, to provide ADSL Modem. The cheapest offer for ADSL modem in this bazaar.

SMC, also, an IT vendor, provide ADSl modem. Beside that, they also provide Webcam, Wireless VOIP, Wireless LAN, & Switches.

Indonet, a pioner in internet service also promote their services, such as : dial-up, mobile access, internet cable, ADSL, wireless link, hotspot zone, & data center & hosting.

Linksys, specialist in IT networking, provide numerous products. Their products ranged from, wireless internet video camera, router, access point, ADSL modem, and off course thier switchs.

Growell, comes up here, specialize in providing wirelss modem, from CDMA data card, CDMA external modem, CDMA PCMCIA card, &USB wireless modem. They promote their product colaborate with Indosat M2.

LinkPro, introduce their switch & fiber optic converter. Single mode & Multi mode. Their price is also at low bargain.

Indosat M2, bring 3G broadband, boasted that they could deliver up to 2,6 Mbps speed. The fastest in wireless broadband. They also bundled their product with data card modem (HSDPA).

Review : Printing Machine Vendor

This review is mainly taken from Mega Bazaar Computer 2007 held in JCC (jakarta Convention Center), 7-11 March 2007. All data gather are from brochure and flyers.

Here is the exhibitor product & technology.

Digital Sablon, give out a business proposal with low investment capital. They give some package : Digital sablon mug, digital sablon for T-shirt & ceramic, ID Card system, PIN press, & cutting plotter. They also provide machine & material.

Epson, moving fast with its Epson stylus C58, with promo tag 'cost saving for the budget savvy'. As one of big five vendor in printing machine, promote their Epson stylus series, Scanner perfection series, & Epson stylus photo series. It seems they are not going to fight in laserjet system this year.

HP, focus more on Laserjet series, such as Color laserjet, All in one product, mono laserjet, & color laserjet all in one. Trade in promo is also available. Their product series are : Officejet series, Photosmart seriesAll in one, Deskjet, laserjet, & scanner.

Speed, provide client with indoor plotter rental system. You could rent a plotter from them with cheap price, about Rp 1,5 mill/month.

Fuji Xerox, seems come again to competition among print vendor. Focus only on laserjet product, bring their DocuPrint series to public.

Review : Paper & Ink Technology

This review is mainly taken from Mega Bazaar Computer 2007 held in JCC (jakarta Convention Center), 7-11 March 2007. All data gather are from brochure and flyers.

Ink/Toner Refill/Remanufacture
Now, so many toner/ink replacement technology. You could might buy any printer in Indonesia and the next time the ink/toner run out, you could just go to the refiller/remanufacturer. There is a lot of franchise/branch of them. So.. many.

X-Fill, try to offer a perfect solution for ink & toner, boasted that they could refill in place in just 1 minute for any ink/toner.Refill process is also transparent and using Korea Technology.

Print-Rite, emphasize their QC inspection and fully tested ink formula plus 100% post production print test as their promotional tag. In their booklet, their product ranged from HP, Canon, Dell, & Lexmark Inkjet printer. They also supported Canon, Toshiba, Konica, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sharp, Kyocera, & Xerox toner kit to be use in Copiers & Laser machines. In Toner cartridge, their product could replace Brother, canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Minolta, Oki, Panasonic, Samsung, & Xerox Laser printer machine. they also have compatible ribbon for dot matrix & fax machine. Beside that, they also provide paper, for photo & inkjet purpose.

Alvacia, promote their infus system. It is a modification of your printer, so it has bigger, external cartridge to be used for comercial/home. They also sell compatible cartridge & refill for laser printer.

Mipo, a new producer, has release their refill produt. Ranged from inkjet/toner cartridge, inkjet/toner refill kit, inkjet/glossy paper & CIS system (infus system, called as Continuous infus system).

Veneta System as one of the first implementer of refill system franchise, also held an exhibition here. Focus on cartridge refill, they are targeting HP, canon, Brother, Lexmark, Canon inkjet/laserjet cartridges. They also provide paper and ribbon cartridge.


Paper One, distribute by DataScript, use Eco Label Promo as their ad line. Guarantee that their paper are from 100% plantation fiber, using Acacia trees. Some of their reason, why they believe paperone is number one are : super high-white paper, double side printing, also having some international standard, such as ISO 9706, 9002, & 14001.

Blue Print, a specialist in home digital photo printing also promote their ink refill pack & photo paper A6 in a bundle.


Grace Head Cleaner is some of the new product. Actually not a new product, but just it is the first time promoted in this big event, collaborate with desk specialist. Its Grace cleaner can solve problem on your head print inkjet. This might be usefull in Indonesia, where many company/household using refill technology for their ink printer usage.

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